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3 Things I learned today…

It really should be a food group

Kids are in bed, coffee is made, time for a little bonding time between me and my keyboard. I am a firm believer in learning. You should learn something new every day, whether you want to or not.  If you stop learning, you might as well stop breathing.  This is what I learned today….

1.) After 34 years on this planet people’s complete lack of common can still surpise me. This afternoon my boss sprang for coffee, on the condition that I go out to get it. Fine by me. I get to Timmies (for you non-Canadians that’s Tim Horton’s the Caffeine Church of Canada), walk up to the counter and place my order for FIVE large coffees to go. Now here I must point out I am a normally built humanoid, two arms, to hands, no extra appendages.  The overly cheery cashier makes my coffees, takes my cash, looks me right in the eyes and says “Would you like a tray for those?”, to which I promptly reply “No, thanks. I juggle”.  She got that deer in the headlight look I’m so fond of and just stood there. I waited almost a full minute before letting her off the hook with “As a matter of fact I think I will take a tray thank you.”

2.) Some people are fundamentally  incapable of believing they have dialed a number incorrectly.  I got a call at work from what at first seemed like a very nice woman looking for an attorney’s office.  Her first clue that she had misdialed should have been when I answered the phone with our company name. Strike One. She asks for Mr. So & So, to which I reply there is no-one here by that name, you have the wrong number. Are you sure? She asks. Yes I’m sure, I reply. Strike Two. “Is this <insert number here>?” she inquires. “No Ma’am, it’s not” I reply. “Are you sure?” she queries. “Positive” I reply. Strike Three. I wish her a nice day and hang up. Two minutes later, phone rings. Guess who? I answer and she starts with “Oh, it’s you again”, “Yes” I reply.  “Are you sure this isn’t <insert number here>” she asks “Quite” I reply. To this her response is “There must be something wrong with your damn phoneline” and hangs up. There goes the ball game folks.

3.) There is nothing better than a happy 7 year old first thing in the morning. I went into my son’s room to wake him at 6:45am as I do every day. Most days it is a 15 minute battle of wills. Today he sat straight up, grinned, jumped out of bed looked at me triumphantly and yelled “WOOOHOO this is great, I opened my eyes and it was morning and my life started again” He then proceeded to skip down the hall like he was auditioning for the sound of music and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

So that is what I learned today. What did you learn today? Leave me a comment and we can learn together 🙂


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One thought on “3 Things I learned today…

  1. Yay, this reminds me of the “TIL” I started on FB and thought I would continue on twitter (abandonned, 140 is soooo not enough for this !).

    TIL : Today I learned. As I’m in biology, but taking course as well in Thermodynamics, Enzymology, Ethology, Physiology (A & V), and.. all right, no one want my CV, but it still represents so much to learn everyday.

    Well, I guess that TIL that if you raise 2 baby ducks together and never presents them their mother, once adult, they’ll live as an homosexual couple and nothing will ever convince them to abandon their partner. It reminded me of Barjavel’s novel “The Ice People”, I loved so much. Wish it could happen IRL. I found my true love, but it’s a long journey, and it’s hard to see friends going through bad relationships.

    All right, I overdosed my coffee today (1L by noon is wayyyy too much, even when you hadn’t slept in 3 days), so I should stop babbling.

    Nice blog, thanks for sharing. ❤

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