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Day 29 – Mid-Week Rant!

Hello Friends and welcome to day 29 of the 365 Days of Blog Marathon. It’s Topical Thursday here at the Over Caffeinated Mom and I’m going to rant. I’m not sure how this works in other parts of the world but this is new to me and I’m getting a little sick and tired of the education system treading on parental territory. The topic this time is Sex Education in the Classroom. Now let me preface this rant by saying I don’t disagree with sex education in schools. I think it’s healthy and normal and overall a good idea. What I am having trouble with is the AGE they are proposing to enlighten our children.

Yes I want my children to be educated but not until they are emotionally mature enough to handle it.  A friend of mine has a son the same grade level as my daughter however they go to separate schools. Her son’s school seems to be a week ahead of ours. She just received a consent form for the “Family Life” Class her son will have in the fall, at which point he will be 10 ( my daughter at that point will be nine). Here’s the class outline….

This course will cover the reproductive system, menopause, fertility, erections, sexual intercourse, testicles, ovaries, fallopian tubes, New life and development, placenta, embryo, birth, labor, twins, Adolescence and rapid growth, menstruation, ejaculation, semen, puberty, hormones and pubic hair

I just about fell out of my chair! Are you freeking kidding me? This is what you are going to teach to my NINE year old daughter, who still very much enjoys playing with Webkinz and Barbies. My precious little girl who still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy is going to discuss the symptoms of the onset of menopause?

Call me old-fashioned and naïve but isn’t this just a little young for this? I mean if they want to teach them anatomy and proper terminology for the genitals, great, go for it, it’s something my kids already know they don’t use them, but they know them. Who’s brain child was it to teach a class of children who still think the opposite sex is yucky about ejaculation?

What happened to “the talk” that parents are supposed to have with their children? That right of passage that means you had changed from a child to a young adult? I’ve heard all the arguments about not all parents have this talk, and kids are more mature these days. To point one, what other parent’s do is their business I will not be held accountable for their lack of conversational skills. As for point two, BULLSHIT, I live with my kids I am well aware of their current maturity level. They still think farts are funny and that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not exactly the markings of overwhelming maturity.

I’d love to hear other parents opinions on this. If you children are older, when did you or their school introduce sex education. If your children are younger, what to you think of this? I’ll get off my soapbox now. As always thanks for stopping by and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow.



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