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Day 31 – Three Questions with….

Hello friends and welcome to Day 31 of the 365 Days of Blog marathon. It’s the start of a brand new month and spring is in full swing. A few weeks ago I had this crazy idea. What if I tried to get in touch with celebrities, ask them 3 completely random off the wall questions and then post the answers. Ya right, I thought. Like a celebrity is going to actually answer an anonymous little blogger. My husband told me to go for it anyway, so I did. Guess what? Somebody answered. So grab you coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy as the Over Caffeinated Mom proudly presents the first ever installment of , Three Questions with……

Joe Mantegna

Let’s start of with a little biography lesson to make sure you all understand just how cool Mr. Joe Mantegna really is. Here’s a little snippet taken directly from his website

“Joe Mantegna is a world-class entertainer and a loving, devoted husband and father. Joe’s acting credits are long and impressive. With over 100 films like Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Godfather Part 3, Celebrity, Forget Paris, Liberty Heights to name a few. Joe has proven his versatility as an actor and his passion for the art.

Joe is no stranger to television either. Whether it’s a award winning TV movie like, The Rat Pack or The Last Don, or critically acclaimed series like, Joan of Arcadia, The Starter Wife or currently as the star of Criminal Minds, it seems like it’s hard not to turn on the TV and see Joe.  Celebrating 40 years in show business, Joe shows no signs of slowing down.”


Couldn’t have said it any better myself! Ok, now for the Q&A!

The O.C.M If Ben and Jerry’s were to name an ice cream after you, what would it be?

Joe Mantegna – “Tall, Dark Chocolate, and Happy”

The O.C.M Cats or Dogs?

Joe Mantegna – “Both. We have 3 of each”

The O.C.M If an alien ship landed in your backyard right now, what would be the first thing you would say?

Joe Mantegna – “Can I get a round-trip ticket?”

How cool was that? Well that concludes this installment of “3 Questions with” , a huge thank you to Mr. Joe Mantegna for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my email. I’m incredibly grateful! To my readers, thanks as always for stopping by and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow!


Hoping to make this a regular weekly feature here at the OCM, cross your fingers that I get some more answers 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Day 31 – Three Questions with….

  1. Holy flippin’ cow! Great job. This could be a biggie for you. Hope you’ve got some chocolate covered coffee beans to chew on because you’re going to need lots of caffeine if this whole 3??’s thing takes off! (And it looks like it’s already taxiing down the run way!)


    • Mmmm chocolate covered coffee beans…. oh wait you said other stuff too. I really hope this takes off, but even if it doesn’t this was a very cool experience for me!

  2. An excellent actor and obviously a sweet man!

  3. Oh, well, if he’s the voice of Fat Tony in The Simpsons, he’s got to be alright.

    This is an incredible coup. All the more impressive when you know that these days you have to go through security and PRs four deep before you even get to breathe the same air. Well done!

    P.S: They’re good fun questions. Why would you not want to give answers to them?

    • Thanks for stopping by Pie! It took some work on my part but it was worth it. I decided to go with fun questions to be different from all the “real” interviews celebs have to go through. Hopefully next Saturday I’ll have another celeb for everyone 🙂 fingers crossed!

  4. Good work, you friend of the stars!!

    • HAHA! Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun trying to get a hold of people. I feel like a detective :-). Happy to report that 3 Questions With…. will be returning this Saturday with another favorite of mine!

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