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RANT!! – Hospital Waiting Rooms

Hello friends and welcome to day 35 of the 365 Days of Blog marathon. I know it’s Wednesday and according to my self imposed schedule that equals wacky and weird, however given the day I just had it’s all about letting off steam today. I’m not just mildly annoyed with my local ER, I’m not slightly annoyed, I’m pissed to the point I want to smack someone. Being a hospital “frequent flyer” (for reasons see my post on my son Jamie here ) I’m normally pretty tolerant of the ebb and flow of the ER so it take quite a bit to get me to this point.

Let’s start from the beginning. My son Jamie had what appeared to be a rash, we tried treating it with various creams and such with no luck. Then get got what appeared to be a more severe rash around his g-tube site. Warning Bells. He then started oozing puss from around the g-tube site. Full Alert. His pediatrician is doing out patient clinic at the hospital this week, so the only way to get to see her is to go through the ER. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, today however… Holy Crap.

First I am proposing a name change for the “Waiting Room”, I would like it to be called “The social experiment room where we place already stressed out parents for extended periods of time so we see how long it takes one of them to snap”. I realize this would require a much larger sign, but I am a firm believer in truth in advertising. We arrived at the ER at 8:20am, we remained in the waiting room until 1:10pm. That’s right folks, 5 hours sitting in the waiting room while my son leaked pus from around his g-tube and cried and cried and cried in discomfort. Take a moment and let that mental image sink in.  Raises the blood pressure a bit doesn’t it?

So at 1:10 we were ushered in to see a real honest to goodness doctor? NO! We were moved to a smaller, more anxiety inducing and less cheerfully decorated waiting room. WTF?  So for the next hour I listen to the EXTREMELY busy ER staff discuss their favorite restaurant choices, vacation plans, dating troubles and a lovely discussion between two older staff members about bunions. At this point I am ready to smack someone, I didn’t care who, anyone with a staff badge on would have worked nicely. I of course didn’t, but I REALLY wanted to.

2:40 the doctor decides to grace us with his presence.  Takes a 2 minute cursory look at my son, proclaims he has an infection, to which my brain yelled “No Shit Sherlock”, and tells me that he will set me up an appointment with my pediatrician in the out patient clinic for TOMORROW. I am truly surprised my head did not explode at that point. I had just spent close to 7 stressed out hours with no coffee in an uncomfortable atmosphere with a distraught medically fragile child to make an appointment for the following day? Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of new warped secret camera reality game show? I wanted to scream, throw something, hell take the doctors stethoscope and choke him with it. Again, I didn’t do these things but boy was I close.

Ok I understand that the ER’s are busy, and I get that you are likely going to have to wait, but 6+ hours before you’re even sure that a doctor actually works there? That is ludicrous.  Alright I’ll hop back down off my virtual soapbox now that I’ve got that out of my system. As always, thank you all for stopping by and hopefully we’ll see you again tomorrow!



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8 thoughts on “RANT!! – Hospital Waiting Rooms

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  2. Try an ER in Canada!

    Unfortunately, it’s probably only going to get worse…

    • This was an ER in Canada lol… for the last couple of years our particular hospital has been pretty good about keeping wait times down by instituting a new fast track system. This week however I was already irritated when I got there so… well I got a wee bit upset 🙂

      • Dave on said:

        LOL Sorry, I knew that. Momentary brain fart when I mixed you & another blogger I follow up in my mind.

  3. Ugh! I am amazed and impressed with your poise! I definitely would have said some mean things to people!
    Hope you are having a great Mother’s Day!
    Anna from Motherly Law

  4. “The social experiment room where we place already stressed out parents for extended periods of time so we see how long it takes one of them to snap” No truer words have ever been written!!

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