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Day 52 – 3 Questions With ….

Hello friends and welcome to day 52 of the 365 Days of Blog Marathon. It’s Pot Luck Saturday here at the Over Caffeinated Mom and I am pleased to have yet another celebrity to be able to bring you another installment of  3 Questions With.  As I did before the Kevin Sorbo post I was giving out some hints through my Twitter stream on who it was this week. Alas no-one even ventured a guess, or if they did, they didn’t let me know about it. Anyway that’s neither here nor there so let’s get to it. Grab yourself your caffeinated beverage of choice, get comfy and enjoy 3 Questions With…………


I’ve been following this outstanding actor’s career since I began watching television. His roles have been wildly varied and always completely compelling. From the demonic little boy, Anthony Freemont,  in the Twilight Zone Episode “It’s a Good Life” to the wise and wonderful alien Lennier on Babylon 5, I can say with honesty Mr. Mumy has never had a role that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.  In recent years Bill Mumy has really gained ground as a musician, with 8 solo CD’s ( the 2006 release With Big Ideas being my favorite) and an additional  3 albums with his band The Jenerators, he has established himself as a real presense in the music industry. Though he is most commonly know for his role as the exuberant young man Wil Robinson on the ground breaking Sci-Fi series Lost In Space, if that’s all you seen of his career, you’re truly missing out!  In June 2009 TV Guide ran a feature called “The Top 100 of All Time” and Mr. Bill Mumy landed on that list not once, but twice, goes to show TV Guide occasionally knows what it’s talking about.

Ok, now let’s get to the fun part. I asked the questions to Bill Mumy via the guestbook on his website, and to my surprise and delight he actually answered them. Here’s what he had to say!

The OCM –  If Mountain Dew was going to make a special beverage in honor of you, what would they call it and what color would it be?


The OCM – Gas or Electric?


The OCM – If you were given your very own country, what would you call your currency?


And then he added in for good measure


I had always suspected the Bill Mumy would be an fantasticly nice person, it’s good to know that I was in fact right! Thank you so much to Mr. Bill Mumy for playing along with my silliness. And to you dear readers, thanks as always for stopping by and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow.


If you are looking for more information on the life and career of Bill Mumy head over to his official website at


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