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Mommy’s Rant Monday

Hoo boy am I in a mood. Oh wait, sorry, Hello! Welcome to Monday.  New topic today, it’s a Mommy’s rant. I think it’s good to vent every once in a while, it’s healthy, and it keeps me sane. Given that I have my own little virtual soapbox here at my disposal I’m going to take full advantage of it! So grab your coffee’s (lace it with the good stuff if you got it, who cares that it’s Monday) and let’s get to this!

Rant #1 – Where are your parents? – Ok I’m all for my kids being sociable, but what on earth gives you the idea that I am ready and/or willing to deal with your kids at 8 o’clock in the morning. In my opinion it is bad form to unleash your kids from your own yard before 10am.

Rant #2 – Do you not have a home? – This is the opposite of rant one. My kids are fun, I get it, but when I tell you it’s time to go home, that doesn’t mean go home, check in, and come back. Spend some time with your own family please and thanks!

Rant #3 – Have you been checked for tapeworms? – Snacks are expensive, healthy ones even more so. When I do my shopping I purchase snacks for my kids, and a bit extra just in case. I do not stock my pantry to provide for 10 kids three times a day. Oh, and on that note, who sends their children over to another child’s house to play at dinner time?!?!

Rant #4 – The magic word is not “Huh?” – Are basic manners from a kid too much to hope for these days? Am I alone in thinking please and thank-yous are important? Lack of proper manners irritates me like nothing else.

Rant #5 – Don’t take off on your kids!! – When your children are at another’s house to play for an undetermined amount of time, this does not give you free rein to take off! What if something were to happen and your child gets hurt and I can’t find you?!? Lack of common sense ranks right up there with lack of manners.

Ok down off the soapbox I go. I needed that. :-). Thanks for listening ( or reading as the case may be). Hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow!



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2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Rant Monday

  1. Cheryl…I loved this!! And especially the manner thing. My own children don’t get anything from me unless they say please…and they sure better say thank you once they have gotten it!

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