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Mommy’s Little Helper – For Parents of Special Needs Kids

Hello friends and welcome to Mommy’s Little Helper Monday here at the OCM. It’s the day of the week that I share a nuggets of wisdom that I’ve managed to gather in my 14 years as a wife and 13 years as a Mom. This week my is specifically targeted to the parent’s of special needs little ones. As all parents can understand life is a roller coaster with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, but for the parents of special needs children we tend to get an extra loopty loop or two thrown in for good measure. Today I’m going to go over the importance of having, and what is most usually found in, the Mommy Go Bag.

I know I myself have encountered more than one 3am trip to the emergency room. Those times that just can’t wait for the doctor’s office to open the following morning. These are stress inducing trips of panic, you are trying to get yourself ready, get your child (or children) ready and desperately trying to hold on to your sanity.

Enter the Mommy Go Bag, or the Git Kit as I like to call it. I have one packed and ready to go at all times in my front hall closet. Now when the time comes there is no rushing around trying to make sure I have everything I need, I know it’s all right there. I can just grab and go.

In my go bag I have extra diapers as the ER either never has the right size or a nurse doesn’t come by often enough for me to ask for one. A package of wipes, handy for cleaning up any sort of bodily fluid your little one may be expelling. A bottle of water for me, it never fails to amaze me how thirsty I get as soon as I know that I am not able to get up and get something to drink. 10 dollars in change, this is to deal with parking meters, payphones and vending machines because at 3am there is never anywhere to get change. My list of Jamie’s current medications with both dosing size and schedule because I know they are going to ask. My phone tree. This is a HUGE one, this is my information dissemination list. I know that I only have to call the first two people on my tree and they will get the word out to those that need to know. This way I don’t have to continually explain what is going on and I’m not spending hours on the phone. A book, my little guy may get medication to calm him down and help him rest, but I need something to keep my brain occupied. A change of clothes for both of us, sometimes that trip can turn into a two-day adventure. Travel size toiletries for the same reason as the clothes.

All of this fits neatly into a backpack and takes a whole lot of stress off my shoulders at a time when I’m already near my breaking point. You of course will want to adjust the contents of your Git Kit to fit your situation. For example if your child isn’t on a feeding tube like Jamie you may want to keep a couple of juice boxes and simple snacks like crackers or granola bars in there. You may also want to keep a simple card game for you and your child to play to keep their minds occupied on what can turn out to be a very long wait.

I hope this little trick of mine will come in handy for some of you. Thanks as always for stopping by and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow.



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5 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Helper – For Parents of Special Needs Kids

  1. You would think after almost 16 years of parenting a special needs child, I would have thought of this one already…but I didn’t! So, thank you for the amazing idea:-) I am usually the one telling the other child, “Grab this while I get this, etc. and I always forget something because I am not exactly in my right mind at the time. And you are right about the thirsty thing–incredible! So I will get mine together, and hopefully not have to use it anytime soon! Until next time…

  2. What a great idea! Like Leslie said, why didn’t I think of it myself? In a few weeks, I’ll be featuring this post at my own website.

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