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10 Reasons I LOVE Coffee

Hello friends and welcome to Topical Thursday here at the OCM. Today for a topic I am joining in to Mama Kat’s Weekly Writers Workshop. I chose challenge #3 which stated  “3.) A list of 10 reasons you or do not drink coffee.”. I mean how could I pick anything else? This challenge has my name written all over it!! So here we go with my 10 reasons for partaking in this wonderful beverage.

10 – It’s Good.

9 – It  helps me to wake up, or stay awake depending on the time of day.

8 – It’s better for me than soda (or so I keep telling myself)

7 – It makes me a nicer person.

6 – The smell of it freshly brewed reminds me of my Mom.

5 – Have I mentioned that it’s good?

4 – I always wanted to be Juan Valdez when I grow up, so I figure coffee drinking is the best way to prepare for this future life path.

3 – It’s less pretentious than a champagne cocktail at 6am

2 – It is really, very very good.

and the Number One reason that I drink coffee is……..

1 – It keeps me out of prison, as without my jolts of caffeine I am very likely to commit a felony at some point during the day.

Well that wraps it up for me for today. Thanks as always for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow!

~Cheryl the OCM~


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11 thoughts on “10 Reasons I LOVE Coffee

  1. my reasons for drinking coffee are much the same as yours. My world is a better place because of it!

  2. I don’t drink coffee, I’ve never liked the taste, ever since I was a kid. With everything I’ve got going on sometimes I WISH I liked coffee.

    • I am a firm believer that when someone says they don’t like coffee, that is only because they haven’t found the right blend yet! There are some absolutely FABULOUS flavored coffees on the market nowadays, don’t give up on this caffeinated goodness just yet 🙂

  3. Just stopping by from Mama Kat’s! Seriously, how could you pick any other topic? Yes, out of prison is a good thing!

  4. I love coffee too! I’m usually on a quest to find the best flavour, but sometimes anything will do. I was shocked when I saw this article – I just assumed Starbucks would be the winner!

    • Thanks for stopping by Abby. I’ve done a couple of reviews on Starbucks myself, they may be one of the most well known of the coffee chains, but I have found they are pretty close to the bottom in terms of quality.

  5. Too funny! You almost make me want to try another cup, but so far just haven’t found a cup of coffee that I like:-)

    • Well what is your “drink personality”? Maybe I can get you headed in the right direction? Do you like bold, spicy, fruity, mild? Do you have a particular tea that you enjoy? I am all about converting people to the caffeine cause :-). Oh and where have you been on Wednesday for the last two weeks young lady? 😛

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