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Quit Your Bitching

Hello all and welcome.  Today is just one of those days. I’m angry and I’m not quite sure why. I get this way sometimes. It’s to be expected I guess, you can’t be little miss merry sunshine all the time.  For the last while I have been watching people on FB, Twitter and out in the real world whine about how they have it so gosh darn rough. Someone cut them off, they didn’t get to go party because they couldn’t find a sitter, that guy at the drive thru screwed up their order, and on and on and on and on. Every once in a while I want to scream at these people. I want to get right in there face and say “Oh ya,  I’m going to have to bury my first born child, how’s that for a bad day?”. I want to do it just to see the look on their faces. I want to see that look of shame in their eyes as they realize just how good their lives really are. Does that make me a bad person? Probably. Do I give a rat’s ass? No.

I wanted to write this post so that people would have something to look at the next time they think that things are so darn bad. Give them something to really think about and maybe appreciate their lives a little more.

With my son Jamie, there will never be a first word. There will be no first step.  He will never hear me tell him a bed time story. He will never see a sunset.  There will be no first dance, none of the childhood wonderment for special occasions.

He has to fight for everything. Every moment, every breath and it is a battle that he will eventually lose and he will be gone without ever knowing how much he is loved.

I encourage you to bookmark this page, the next time you think that your life is so damned horrible, give this a read. Then see if you still think that way.

~Cheryl the OCM~


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3 thoughts on “Quit Your Bitching

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  2. It doesn’t make you a bad just makes you human. Sometimes people need a kick in the butt to make them wake up to reality. I say you are just the person to do it! Another great and timely post…for that I thank you.

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