Musings from the Over Caffeinated Mom

Kids, Career and Caffeine

Well Hello Again

A quick break turned into an almost 2 year absence…. isn’t that the way it goes? I always meant to post but it seems life has a way of happening and things you “meant” to do get buried in the process.

Ah well, it’s never to late to start over. I had previously taken down all my posts just because I was throwing a woah is me pity party and had a “net-tantrum”. I’m going to be putting some, not all, of the posts back up. Reestablish myself as a netizen.

With the restart of my blog I’m going to be a little more realistic, aiming for once a week instead of everyday. It was starting to feel more like something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do.

So stay tuned… or don’t… your choice.


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