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10 Reasons I LOVE Coffee

Hello friends and welcome to Topical Thursday here at the OCM. Today for a topic I am joining in to Mama Kat’s Weekly Writers Workshop. I chose challenge #3 which stated  “3.) A list of 10 reasons you or do not drink coffee.”. I mean how could I pick anything else? This challenge has my name written all over it!! So here we go with my 10 reasons for partaking in this wonderful beverage.

10 – It’s Good.

9 – It  helps me to wake up, or stay awake depending on the time of day.

8 – It’s better for me than soda (or so I keep telling myself)

7 – It makes me a nicer person.

6 – The smell of it freshly brewed reminds me of my Mom.

5 – Have I mentioned that it’s good?

4 – I always wanted to be Juan Valdez when I grow up, so I figure coffee drinking is the best way to prepare for this future life path.

3 – It’s less pretentious than a champagne cocktail at 6am

2 – It is really, very very good.

and the Number One reason that I drink coffee is……..

1 – It keeps me out of prison, as without my jolts of caffeine I am very likely to commit a felony at some point during the day.

Well that wraps it up for me for today. Thanks as always for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow!

~Cheryl the OCM~


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