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The Competitive Parent

Hello friends and welcome to Pot Luck Saturday here at the OCM. Today my randomly generated topic comes from my daughters new venture into the world of competitive gymnastics. She is excited and I am super proud. Gymnastics makes her happy and she has fun and for me that is what counts.

What I was a little unprepared for was my new role.  I knew from the literature that I would be expected to help with fundraising, and I would be expected to help out at club events. I am ready for that, what I wasn’t expecting was that I would be scrutinized by the more established “competitive mom’s”. “Oh this is Sam’s mom, she’s new” was how I was introduced and was generally greeted with a slight head nod and a critical once over. It was a wee bit uncomfortable. The other mother’s were dressed impeccably, hair done, makeup on the whole 9 yards. I was in jeans and a comfy oversized sweatshirt, baseball cap with pony tail and no makeup whatsoever. Guess I missed the memo regarding dress code.

Then there was the topics of conversation. Each criticizing their daughter’s performances, some to the point where they appeared they were actually getting mad at their child. Like they were the ones putting in all the effort. Here I was grinning like a fool, clapping my hands and shooting my daughter a thumbs up every time she looked in my direction. I guess I also missed the memo about being a b**ch.

What is it about a child moving into a “next level” situation in any given sport that brings this out in parents?  These kids work hard and train long hours and yet it’s the parents that act like they are the stars of this particular little play. I don’t think I’ m going to fit in. That’s ok though, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t like myself very much if I did.

Well that’s it for me for today, hope you are all having a great weekend wherever you are. 🙂 . Thanks as always for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you again tomorrow!

~Cheryl the OCM~


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