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Mommy’s Rant Monday

Hoo boy am I in a mood. Oh wait, sorry, Hello! Welcome to Monday.  New topic today, it’s a Mommy’s rant. I think it’s good to vent every once in a while, it’s healthy, and it keeps me sane. Given that I have my own little virtual soapbox here at my disposal I’m going to take full advantage of it! So grab your coffee’s (lace it with the good stuff if you got it, who cares that it’s Monday) and let’s get to this!

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RANT!! – Hospital Waiting Rooms

Hello friends and welcome to day 35 of the 365 Days of Blog marathon. I know it’s Wednesday and according to my self imposed schedule that equals wacky and weird, however given the day I just had it’s all about letting off steam today. I’m not just mildly annoyed with my local ER, I’m not slightly annoyed, I’m pissed to the point I want to smack someone. Being a hospital “frequent flyer” (for reasons see my post on my son Jamie here ) I’m normally pretty tolerant of the ebb and flow of the ER so it take quite a bit to get me to this point.

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Day 29 – Mid-Week Rant!

Hello Friends and welcome to day 29 of the 365 Days of Blog Marathon. It’s Topical Thursday here at the Over Caffeinated Mom and I’m going to rant. I’m not sure how this works in other parts of the world but this is new to me and I’m getting a little sick and tired of the education system treading on parental territory. The topic this time is Sex Education in the Classroom. Now let me preface this rant by saying I don’t disagree with sex education in schools. I think it’s healthy and normal and overall a good idea. What I am having trouble with is the AGE they are proposing to enlighten our children.

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Mid-Week Rant!

Hello friends and welcome to day 7 of the 365 Days of Blog Marathon. I’m breaking my pattern already, but hey it’s my blog. Since today is Wednesday I’m supposed to go with Wacky & Weird something to give you a good giggle and grin to get you over that mid-week hump. That is not where I’m headed today. The past two days I have had the same issue come up and the more it comes up the more I get irked so I feel the need to get up here on my virtual soapbox and shout “When did it become OK for kids to stop being kids?” Read more…

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